About Us

Independent support you can trust

We understand that things can go very wrong for self-managed super fund investors, and when they do you need someone to support you. SuperGuard 360 provides the independent service you need to understand, monitor and assess your situation and the resources to mediate, resolve and litigation if needed.

We are independent of Government, the Australian Taxation Office, Government regulators, industry associations, accountants, auditors, financial advisers, investment managers and any other service provider to the financial services industry, so our sole agenda is supporting the needs of our clients.

Our vision

SuperGuard 360 is a low cost and efficient service offering created to protect self-managed super funds and their trustees.

Many self-managed super fund investors who have lost money through fraudulent, dishonest or misleading and deceptive conduct, or found themselves entangled with Government regulators, despair of a solution. The time, effort and costs involved means you can lose even more trying to resolve an issue.

Our low cost solution can help you protect your rights - without costing you the earth.

Code of practice

SuperGuard 360 is a service provided by Rainmaker Information.

Established to protect the rights of your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) provided you have registered your Fund with our SuperGuard 360 service.

It is important that we have a strong code of practice to ensure the efforts of the organisation are focused on your needs. The core values are based on co-operation, moral integrity, trust, financial prudence, professionalism and care for our clients.

Having your fund registered with SuperGuard 360 will ensure you have access to all our resources.

Rainmaker Credentials

The Rainmaker Group was founded in 1992 and has established a reputation as a leading financial services information company in Australia providing market intelligence, industry research, media and publishing, events, consulting and consumer services.

We produce strategic, tactical, and analytical information about the financial services industry predominately for Superannuation Funds, Investment Managers, and Financial Planners. Included within these sectors are Asset Consultants, Research Houses, Platforms, and Individual Consumers.

The Rainmaker Group comprises; Rainmaker Information, Financial Standard, FSiTV, FS Advice - The Australian Journal of Financial Planning, FS Super - The Journal of Superannuation Management, FS Private Wealth - The Journal of Family Office Investment, FS Learning and Development Services, Selecting Super, Select Adviser, and Select Investments.

We define our corporate purpose to be the definitive source of information and insight for corporations and consumers in today's sophisticated financial services market.

SuperGuard 360 is a low cost and efficient services offering created to protect and support the rights of Self-Managed Super Funds
Don't walk the tightrope of self-managed super alone

Register your fund with us today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an advocate to help solve problems as and when they arise - you won't have to go it alone.