Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How much does it cost to register your SMSF with SuperGuard 360?
Q:Why do self-managed super funds need support from Professional Standards Mutual?
Q:Is Professional Standards Mutual an insurance provider?

Professional Standards Mutual is not an insurance provider. We are a service that is solely focused on protecting and supporting the rights of self-managed super funds that are registered with SuperGuard 360 from fraudulent, dishonest or misleading and deceptive conduct.

We provide technical and legal support through our in-house experts and network of legal resources. We do not provide you with an insurance policy against investment market losses and a result of capital market volatility in your self-managed super fund.

Q:Does my yearly subscription entitle me to compensation for investment losses?
Q:My superfund has performed badly and my returns are low - should I contact Professional Standards Mutual?
Q:If I've been the victim of fraud or deceptive misconduct, what's my first step?
Q:If I have a legal case, who pays for it?
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