Financial Services Guide

July 2016

1. Introduction

This is a financial services guide (FSG) for Rainmaker Information Pty Ltd (ACN 095 610 996 and AFSL No. 461816) (Rainmaker, we, us, our) and its authorised representative Professional Standards Mutual Pty Ltd (ACN 79 162 287 729 (PSM). To the extent that PSM provides any financial services it does so as our authorised representative.

This FSG is an important document designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services offered by Rainmaker or PSM and to provide you with an understanding of what to expect from our relationship.  Rainmaker has authorised PSM to distribute this FSG.

This FSG contains information about:

  • services provided by Rainmaker and PSM (together the Rainmaker Group) - it outlines the kinds of services Rainmaker is licensed, and PSM is authorised, to provide;
  • remuneration that may be received by Rainmaker, PSM and their related persons - it outlines the remuneration that Rainmaker, PSM and any of their employees, directors or associates may receive in connection with the financial services the Rainmaker Group provides; and
  • the Rainmaker Group's complaints process - this describes how we deal with any complaints you may have about the Rainmaker Group's services as well as providing key contact details to communicate a complaint.

2. Contacting us

You can contact and find out more about Rainmaker in the following ways:

By mail Rainmaker Information Pty Ltd
Level 7
55 Clarence Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
By telephone 02 8234 7500
By facsimile 02 8234 7599
By email [email protected]

You can contact and find out more information about PSM using the same mailing address, telephone number, fax number or email address as above or through its website

3. Products and services Rainmaker is licensed to provide

Rainmaker is licensed to provide, and PSM as Rainmaker's authorised representative is authorised to provide, financial product advice for the following classes of financial products:

  • interests in managed investment schemes (including IDPS);
  • securities;
  • superannuation;
  • life products including:
    • investment life insurance products as well as any products issued by a Registered Life Insurance Company that are backed by one or more of its statutory funds; and
    • life risk insurance products as well as any products issued by a Registered Life Insurance Company that are backed by one or more of its statutory funds,

(together the Financial Services).

When providing Financial Services to you Rainmaker will be acting on its own behalf and PSM will be acting on behalf of Rainmaker.

Rainmaker remains responsible for the conduct of PSM when it acts on Rainmaker's behalf.

4. Remuneration

PSM will be entitled to a yearly SuperGuard 360 Subscription fee of [$695] for funds with up to $1 million, and [$995] for funds with over $1 million, under management.  Rainmaker will receive subscription revenue from clients subscribing to its various publications (both printed and online) or for database access. Rainmaker also generates revenue from advertisements in its various publications (both printed and online) and on its website. Revenue is also generated from ticket sales for events organised by Rainmaker.

Superannuation funds and investment funds do not pay Rainmaker to undertake Selecting Super Fund Quality Assessments or Investment Performance Review ratings respectively.  However, superannuation funds and investment funds may pay us a licence fee so they can use our ratings for promotional purposes.  The licence fee will be determined by reference to the intended use of the rating.

The advertising revenue received by Rainmaker will be determined by the size and location of the advertisement in the publication or on the website and (where applicable) the type of publication.  Subscription fees are determined annually having regard to market conditions and the cost of preparing the relevant publication or maintaining the relevant database.

All Rainmaker staff receive a salary and do not receive any commissions or benefits related to any advice provided to you. You may request particulars of any benefits payable to your advisor, Rainmaker or PSM in respect of a particular Financial Service within a reasonable time of receiving this FSG, but prior to the provision of the relevant Financial Service.

5. Compensation Arrangements

Rainmaker holds professional indemnity insurance that satisfies its obligations under its Australian financial services licence and covers claims relating to the conduct of Rainmaker and its current and former employees and representatives (including PSM), in connection with the Financial Services.

6. Complaints

If you have a complaint about any of the Rainmaker Group's services please notify your advisor or our Complaints Handling Officer who can be contacted:

By mail or in person Complaints Handling Officer
Rainmaker Information Pty Ltd
Level 7
55 Clarence Street
Sydney  NSW  2000
By telephone 02 8234 7500
By facsimile 02 8234 7599
By Email [email protected]

Your feedback about the Rainmaker Group's services helps us understand and address issues we otherwise might not know about

We will endeavor to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and will notify you if it is unlikely your complaint will be determined in 45 days.

7. Disputes

If you are not satisfied with the steps taken by the Rainmaker Group to resolve your complaint, or with the result of the Rainmaker Group's investigation, you may wish to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service at:

By mail Financial Ombudsman Service
GPO Box 3
Melbourne Vic 3001
By telephone 1300 780 808
By facsimile 03 9613 6399
By email [email protected]