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6 June 2012Investor DailyNews StoryEvidence against Trio's Flader insufficient: ASIC
5 June 2012ASICNews StoryASIC provides update on Trio
31 May 2012Investor DailyNews StoryTrio clients slugged with high management fees
29 May 2012Investor DailyNews StoryTrio collapse a turn-off for overseas investors
24 May 2012Money ManagementNews StoryShould heads roll over Trio Capital?
21 May 2012Bronto capitalNews StoryAstarra Trio: report of the Parliamentary Inquiry
17 May 2012Investor DailyNews StoryPJC lays Trio collapse blame on regulators
17 May 2012Sydney Morning HeraldNews StoryPlease explain' call over Trio Capital super theft
17 May 2012New MatildaNews StoryHow To Throw Away Your Life Savings
17 May 2012New MatildaNews StoryHow to throw away your life savings
17 May 2012Money ManagementNews StoryTrio Capital worse than Sorm Financial, says PJC
16 May 2012Financial StandardNews StoryPJS blasts Trio follow-up
16 May 2012Financial Planning AssociationsNews StoryTrio Capital report demands renewed consumer protection standards by regulators and product manufacturers
15 May 2012Investor DailyNews StoryASIC returns guarded comments to PJC
10 May 2012Investor DailyNews StoryPlanners not to blame for Trio: Richard
19 April 2012Investor DailyNews StoryGovt confirms Trio payments of $52 million
18 April 2012ABCNews StorySuper collapse costs investors millions
11 April 2012Investor DailyNews StorySMSFs hit by investment fraud: ACC
11 April 2012Investor DailyNews StoryAPRA to investigate more Trio directors
10 April 2012Investor DailyNews StoryAPRA grilled over Trio